Live Training
Live Training
(20 Hours - TCEQ Approved for Water and Wastewater)
When: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - through - Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm (CDT)
Member Fee: $350
Non-Member Fee: $410

No travel required! Training from the convenience of your own desk.
Only a computer and internet connection required.

REGISTER!!   (Registration deadline: September 15, 2017)
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TWUA is offering our 20-hour Utility Management Online Course. This course is approved for TCEQ water and wastewater credit. It can be used for core training, renewal or continuing education hours. Attendees will participate in discussion of management, goals & objectives, decision making, problem solving, delegation, time management, H.R. related topics, record keeping, discipline, evaluations, and questions and answers.

Share knowledge and experience that will:
  • Improve understanding of management-related functions in a utility.
  • Provide compliance with TCEQ for core training.
  • Provide compliance with TCEQ for continuing education credit.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of skills used in the performance of management or supervisor functions in a utility.
  • Anyone who needs management training in their pursuit of an advanced operator license.
  • Anyone who needs utility management for licensing or renewal.
  • Water and Wastewater operators who work in treatment, collections or distribution.
  • Anyone interested in acquiring more knowledge in management.
Online Training:
  • Cannot be substituted for hands-on training required to teach critical skills.
  • The same distance training repeated in the license renewal period will not receive training credit per 30 TAC 30.28 (p)(3)(c).
  • The same webinar training may not be repeated within the renewal period for training credit per 30 TAC 30.28 (s)(4).
  • Browser must be updated to the latest release and Internet Explorer must be Release 10 or later.
  • Browser and Network must support flash and HTML5 video.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps downstream.
  • Registrant will be required to complete TWUA's identity verification process upon successful registration.
  • Identification verification and polling will be conducted during this training.
  • Comprehension and understanding will be tested throughout the course.
  • Passing an Exit Exam will be required for successful completion.
  • Any questions contact TWUA Central Office (888)367-8982.
Russell Hamilton
Executive Director

Russell is currently the Executive Director of TWUA with 30 years of experience in management functions related to Water and Wastewater.

Russell has presented the TWUA version of management many times in the traditional 20-hour classroom setting both at the regional and individual training events.

Russell is a very hands-on person and possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in management concerns associated with managers and supervisors in the water and wastewater profession.

Join Russell and the TWUA as they bring this management course to the operators by way of online.

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